Syras open beta

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We are very excited to announce the release of Syras, the systematic review assistant. Launching in open beta to academics everywhere, Syras helps you organise, then complete the screening process in systematic reviews.

During the beta, payment is optional, as we explore how to best serve our customers needs.

Syras helps with systematic reviews in academia. We allow imports in a range of formats, provide a transparent deduplication process, and allow for scalable and flexible screening with teams of researchers.

Ergonomic screening experience, in Syras

Syras: a Scipilot product

Syras is brought to you with ♥ by Scipilot. Our goal is to use the funds earned from Syras to further reinvest in problems of manual labour or software accessibility and quality in academia.

“I’m so excited to be leading a company with this kind of ambition. We see so much potential for good.”

Matt Russell

We want to accelerate the 20th century scientific process by leveraging 21st century thinking.

We are a small team, trying to make a big difference, and we would love your support and feedback.

The backstory of Syras

Syras was born from a multi-year collaboration between Pip Jones, an experienced polymath software engineer, and Nic Badcock, a seasoned systematic reviewer. As part of completing a large study lead by Genivieve McArthur, Nic built a useful Matlab extension. Nic and Pip subsequently turned it into a web solution, available from anywhere: The open-source SysRev code-base.

Matt, seasoned software product manager and good friend of Pip, saw the potential. SysRev could provide more value to academics if it was a paid cloud solution. While open-source code sounds free and easy, it’s actually very high friction. Setup and hosting is a painful adjacent problem to getting your review done.

The partnership was born, and SysRev became the Syras cloud platform. It’s your the Systematic Review Assistant: a purpose built systematic review solution that costs less than a few pineapples.