Feb 2021 Recap

What a month! We’re finally up and running, and we’ve seen people sign up from all over the world. We’re looking forward to making your systematic reviews smoother and easier to run! Here’s this months updates and fixes.

This month:

  • Keyword highlight upgrades 🌈
    • Keywords highlights are now at your fingertips while screening 👇- if you need to make a tweak to your highlights or keywords, you can do it as you screen.
    • We’ve added four levels of contrast to pick from, so you can make the highlights intense, pale, or even transparent (if you just want to see the totals on the side)
  • Export helper ☑️
    • When you have complex forks and branches in your screening, you can end up with included articles across a few different sets. We now combine those into a single interface so you can easily export all the relevant “includes” for your review.
  • Deduplication experience saw a range of subtle UX improvements ‼️
  • We’re working on a fix for file-sizes, now that we’re on the cloud – currently file size limit for imports is 8MB.
  • We now stop users from splitting an article set after reviews have started. ✍️
  • We’ve subtly simplified the experience for collaborators, so they can get on with the screening process. 🙌
  • When splitting the Full Set of articles, anyone who was assigned to the full set will be assigned to both of the child sets, ready to start screening. ⏱

That’s it for Feb! Can’t believe it’s already March 😅

We look forward to having some exciting news soon, and more awesome updates in the March recap.

👋 See you next time!

– Rusty

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