August update

Hello again, and let’s dive into what we’ve done to improve Syras this month.

Login sessions are more secure.

πŸŽ‰ Deduplication is better than it was last month!
– Fixed a bug causing issues when screening triplicates.
– Fixed a bug preventing MASSIVE pages of duplicates for keep/ignore/delete from being submitted.
– Massive speed boosts to loading duplicates to review.
– If you’ve started screening, the deduplication review will tell you whether an article has been screened / labelled already
– DOI/SBN options in deduplication are more clearly attached to the SRA method, which is the only one they apply to.

πŸ—ƒ Upload up to 50MB file for your abstracts.
While Syras is still limited to 15,000 articles in a project, we know abstracts can be all different lengths… We’re opening up the upload limit to 50MB to let you get all your articles into Syras as quick as you can. If you’re over the 15,000 article limit, no sweat – simply reset your project and start your uploads again.

πŸ‘†Minor usability improvements:
– Reset project is a distinct action a user can now take, in the top right of the project management screen. This resets all articles, but leaves collaborators unchanged.
– Removed the mandatory screening criteria option, to avoid someone accidentally using this and having the painful task of ensuring they click every single screening criteria for every article. This was originally intended for a training situation.

We’re almost there for becoming a paid product! So grab your free trial project now while you can!

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