🎉 Syras is exiting Beta

We are excited to announce that Syras has hit a big milestone, and Syras is coming out of Beta! We’ve seen dozens of customers use Syras to assist them with their systematic reviews. This has helped us optimise the product, and increased our confidence that Syras is a great product.

What does that mean?

For new customers, systematic review projects now come in three levels:

Demo project

Every project starts as a demo project, providing full Syras functionality, for up to 300 articles. This lets you try out any specific workflows you want to ensure you can achieve before you part with any cash.

Single-stream screening project

A demo project can be upgraded to a single-stream screening project. This provides everything you need to run a single stream of double screening on up to 15,000 articles. You can have two other collaborators to make that possible. This is great for PhD students doing a systematic review, or intensive literature reviews.

Team screening project

The team screening project allows a project administrator to divide and conquer screening workload of screening up to 15,000 articles with up to 10 other collaborators. This is a powerful mode of working with Syras, allowing someone to make fast, light work of screening a lot of articles.

You can check out the prices and features of each project type on the pricing page.

Existing customers with projects have had their projects upgraded to a team screening project. This is effectively no change from what your experience would have been.

This is a big step in the journey from open-source project to cloud product for Syras. Nine months ago, we had an open source product, intended to be installed by individuals wanting to run projects themselves. Today, we have rearchitected key components, transforming Syras into a scalable cloud app that will handle increasing numbers of customers with ease. At the same time, we’re geared up with a knowledge base, and support system to deliver a great customer experience for our early adopters.

We look forward to helping you complete your screening with Syras!

Pip & Rusty

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