We want to accelerate science

Who are we?

Scipilot is currently Pip Jones, and Matt Russell. We collectively have over 3 decades of experience in the world of technology and software. We are both gainfully employed in other roles, and use our spare time to further the Scipilot mission.

Our mission:

Accelerate the scientific process, for the betterment of humanity. 

Why accelerate science

The scientific process was enshrined in 20th century processes, with 20th century practices. We want to apply proven 21st century efficiencies to seamlessly accelerate that enshrined 20th century process. We do this for the betterment of humanity. 

Why you should believe in us

We are applying proven thinking and approaches from the software and technology industry to build viable, desirable, valuable products for academics. These products primarily solve manual-labour problems academics live with, as part of participating in the scientific process.

We believe science is not the rules governing the scientific process. We believe science is the practice undertaken by humans, aiming to adhere to those rules. The difference is the humans, and our human centred design is our strongest differentiator.

Our funding

We are bootstrap funded, from the two co-founders. As such, we answer solely to ourselves and our purpose.

Our core principles

Flexible modular solutions over holistic-workflow solutions

Each of our products will aim to relieve pains from a specific point within a broader context or process. This implies that customers plug something in the front, and can export something out the back of any of our products, dipping in and out in a way that adds value to them. This also implies our products will have inherent flexibility.

We don’t aim to lock customers into larger, more costly end-to-end workflows. Our products are flexible across a variety of uses, yet approachable to begin to use. At some point in the future, we may provide a series of products that operate best in concert.

Bottoms up over Top down 

The people completing the process are the people we serve, and are the people we primarily sell to. This implies the people who benefit will being paying, over a large-scale licensing sale at an institution. 

We are not excluding top down sales, simply biasing towards a bottoms up adoption of our products. 

Affordable for customers and sustainable to run, over rapid-growth and high profits

We run this company for the cause, not the riches. We seek to provide affordable solutions to scientists struggling with cost disease in academia. Ideally, what we offer is affordable to the point of being a non-decision (once product value is understood). 

We are not excluding profit, but do not seek profit as our primary outcome.

We look forward to bringing you products to help with your science.

Matt & Pip

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