September + October updates

Okie dokie, it’s been a while, so let’s look at what’s improved with Syras. Most notably, the major updates here are about treating you like grown-ups.

We’ve made a number of process efficiency gains that come with a bit of risk-factor. But we believe you’re grown-ups, and as grown-ups, you’re capable of making the tradeoff between speed over perfection. So we’re letting you decide which rules deserve to be bent for your screening. You’ll see what we mean.

⚙️ Bulk process suspected duplicates
– When you complete a duplicate scan, you can get thousands of suspected duplicates. After a page or two, it can become clear that every suspect is indeed a duplicate. You can now skip the process of going through every page by opening the “Automatic processing” area, and pressing the “Resolve all duplicates” button.

👀 Select what you display during screening, with blinding controls.
We heard that often screeners like to be able to see some of the extra data to assess an article. We know that there are some purists out there who want just title and abstract to avoid bias. But you’re a grown-up, so we decided to let you do it if you like.
– The admin can choose whether to display title/abstract/authors/dates/journal etc. during screening.
– Change blinding settings any time.

🔓 Eligibility Criteria can be changed during screening
This was a tricky one! It’s unscientific to change your criteria half way through screening, so we would lock it after you started screening. We heard that often criteria wasn’t clear, or needed some tweaking during screening. So we now allow you to change criteria after starting screening. You get a warning, but you’re a grown-up, so we let you do it.

💯 100MB max file import size
We heard that someone was blocked from working with Syras because of our 50MB file limit. So we removed that blocker. With a 100MB limit, it’s possible to exceed the 15,000 article limit, but it’s not possible for us to know how many abstracts are in your file before you upload it… You’re a grown-up though, so we let you do it.

That’s it for the efficiency gains, let’s see what else we’ve been busy doing.

🗝 Keywords per project
Highlighting key words in abstracts is incredibly useful for processing a lot of content. Previously, Syras had this setting at the user level, but it makes a lot more sense for the Project Administrator to set up keywords for the project.
– Matching rules mean powerful keyword matching is possible using wild-card matching
– You can change keywords at any time.

👋 It’s easier for your collaborators to get started now!
– An collaborator who clicks the invite link in the email now has their email address pre-verified, so they just sign up and away they go, no email-verification step.

🗯 We’ve got a Helpdesk!
As part of becoming a paid product, we’re taking service more seriously. You’ll notice both on, and on some key screens in the app, you can reach out to us for help. We’ve built a robust knowledge base to help answer questions before you need to talk to us, but this widget is a quick and easy way to reach out when you need a helping hand.

☑️ Project audit log
– You can see an audit of all the nitty gritty things happening with your project in our new audit log

💵 Last but not least, Syras is now a paid product
– We need to get paid for hosting a cloud solution to your systematic review, and getting all the infrastructure up and running is no simple feat!
– Read up about the available tiers and project levels at 🎉 Syras is exiting Beta

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