Account Management

Account Management guide

This guide explains how to get signed-up, logged-in and using SYRAS. It also covers how to manage your personal data, export and delete your account.

There are two roles: “Project Administrator” and “Collaborator”, which have some differences in how the user account is managed – due to the invitation process in a team project.

Project Administrator

The project initiator should register with the application, by visiting the Login or Register page, in the top right.

Once registered, you may log into the application. Once logged in you will have access to all your projects and data.


A project collaborator will most likely first encounter SYRAS by being sent an invitation to join a project from a project administrator. Therefore they usually need to register their account while accepting the invitation. This process will typically be as follows:

  • The administrator invites a person to be a collaborator by their email address.
  • The person receives the invite and clicks the personalised link which takes them to the site.
  • The person registers their details, creating an account.
  • The person then logs into SYRAS, which also accepts the project invitation. As this point they are linked up to the project and become a collaborator. (The administrator is also notified they have accepted the invitation and are ready to proceed).

If a collaborator is already a SYRAS registered user, then the above process is simpler. On clicking the link in the email, the person just needs to login to their account and they will be accepted into the project. If they are already logged in at that moment, then they will instantly be joined to the project.

For Both User Types (admin and collaborator)

Forgotten your login details? Use the “Forgot Password” button and you will be sent a special short-lived link which will allow you to reset your password. Note this can only be sent to an email address you previously registered.

To view or edit your personal details, visit the Account screen. Here you can export all personal data stored by the application, or erase your account including all project data.

If you are working with a team across timezones you may wish to set the timezone you are working in. This may help with more precisely identifying when your team performed certain tasks during the review.

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