• June Updates
    Well, it’s been quite a while since we’ve provided an update on what’s been changing with Syras. The open ❤️ surgery went well, and we’ve had a number of other things that we’re very excited about… This month (and a half): 😅 Big imports, no sweat: You can now upload a file up to 30MB.Continue reading “June Updates”
  • April 2021 recap
    This month, we’ve been doing some open ❤️ surgery on Syras to ensure it can handle file uploads better. It’s a big change from how we previously uploaded files, so it’s taking a while to get right. Once we’re done though, you’ll be able to upload almost any file size of abstracts, up to ourContinue reading “April 2021 recap”
  • March 2021 Recap
    Time is marching on, and we’ve got another monthly recap of Syras releases for you. Right now, we’re focusing on incremental improvements and reliability fixes for the app, ensuring you have a smooth experience. Here’s this months updates and fixes. This month: Improved deduplication ergonomics: The options available in a deduplication decision are unusual. KeepContinue reading “March 2021 Recap”
  • Feb 2021 Recap
    What a month! We’re finally up and running, and we’ve seen people sign up from all over the world. We’re looking forward to making your systematic reviews smoother and easier to run! Here’s this months updates and fixes. This month: Keyword highlight upgrades 🌈 Keywords highlights are now at your fingertips while screening 👇- ifContinue reading “Feb 2021 Recap”
  • Syras open beta
    We are very excited to announce the release of Syras, the systematic review assistant. Launching in open beta to academics everywhere, Syras helps you organise, then complete the screening process in systematic reviews. During the beta, payment is optional, as we explore how to best serve our customers needs. Syras helps with systematic reviews inContinue reading “Syras open beta”