Built for speed

Syras was built for speed. The following features make Syras efficient and effective at assisting with your screening.

Project-level selection criteria

Prior to embarking on a review, the project owner can set up selection criteria as a reminder of what the right kind of document should include. This keeps a clear unbiased set of criteria top of mind when reviewing documents.

Selection criteria are locked into place after the review starts, to avoid an unintended shift of target during the screening process – if a shift of criteria is required, past documents should be reviewed again, and the screening can be restarted.

Personal keyword highlights

Each user is able to set up keywords that help them identify relevant documents. These words highlight within an abstract, allowing the screener to assess at a glance whether any important words are present.

Keywords are managed personally, meaning bias is not introduced across dual blind screenings.

Personal keyboard shortcuts

When you are reading your five hundredth irrelevant article, you’ll appreciate that Syras has programmable shortcut keys. You can assign personal shortcut keys for all of the important screening operations like include, exclude, or comment.

A careful ergonomic layout

The screening experience in Syras was laid out for optimum experience. Leveraging decades of software development expertise, we have created an experience that’s purpose built for the task.