Get Started with Syras

Syras helps you import references, remove duplicates, screen them, then export the list of relevant articles for purchase.

It can be used in a variety of workflows or project structures, but the most basic flow is described below.

  1. Register for an account and Login
  2. Create a project, open the project, and click Manage to go to the project dashboard.
  3. Import articles – from common reference database files. A “master set” will be created of all the articles
  4. Perform deduplication – using a few tools to help with this annoyance.
  5. (Optional) Invite any collaborators to the project via email.
  6. (Optional) Create article subsets to split the workload amongst collaborators or randomise the order of presentation.
  7. (Optional) Set up a screening criteria checklist.
  8. Choose Screen Articles to begin the review screening process.
  9. After double screening, you can identify disagreements. These become a new set for assignment to collaborators, to repeat the screening process.
  10. Once screening is finished, you may export and download the choices and discussion comments in a spreadsheet format. You can also export the short-list of chosen references in common file-formats, to continue your project in another system or to purchase the chosen articles.

You may repeat this process iteratively, for multiple phases running for multiple projects.

See the guides for more details of each stage.