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1. Account Management
Watch this guide to learn how to create and login to your account and how to manage your personal data.

2. Importing Data
Watch this guide to learn how to import references from various journal databases.

3. Deduplication
This guide will help you perform deduplication on your imported references.

4. Assigning work to teams
This guide will explain how to set up a team and assign sets of articles to collaborators.

5. Screening tools
This guide will teach you the basics of screening articles, as well as some advanced techniques like keyword highlighting.

6. Double screening, disagreements, and exporting
This guide steps through a double screening example, including dealing with disagreements, and exporting the final results.

7. Screening criteria checklist
Learn how Syras can help you manage your screening criteria by presenting a checklist during the review process and collecting the reviewers’ choices.

8. Exporting from Syras
Learn how you can export article and review data from Syras, as part of wrapping up your screening.

9. Citing Syras
You can cite Syras as follows:

Syras systematic review screening software, Scipilot Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia. Available at

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