Import and dedupe articles
Screen abstracts as a team
Resolve disagreements

A powerful, cloud based screening tool, free to try

Running a review
for your dissertation?

No sweat. Syras has a great path for PhD students who are running a simple double screening Systematic review for their dissertation.

Double screening process

Systematic or Cochrane review with a team?

We allow splitting your article corpus for reviews. This allows multiple pairs to complete a double screening for the one review.

Team screening process

Syras vs. Covidence vs. Rayyan
This article steps through a few of the popular cloud software solutions for screening abstracts. All three of these products are cloud solutions – no installation or software management on your computer – and all three have some notable pros and cons. …

“I’ve honestly enjoyed using Syras because it’s organised and collaborative. It’s very user-friendly, even on my phone.

It would be great for first-time reviewers.

The Syras team was incredibly responsive to all my queries.”

Katherine ko, Department of Psychology
Faculty of Medicine, Health, and Human Sciences, Macquarie University

Simply powerful

A straight forward solution for someone running their first review, and powerful flexibility for teams of four or more. Less pain for everyone, and a clean, simple export at the end.

  • Simple double screening
  • Multi-stream double screening

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Built for speed

User friendly features make the long-and-tedious process of screening articles as fast and pain-free as possible.

  • Project selection criteria
  • Keyword highlights
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Ergonomic screening layout

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A powerful, transparent deduplication process that puts you in control.

  • Multiple methods for identifying duplicates
  • Multiple passes over your data = cleanest possible set of articles for screening

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Used by academics and researchers from:

Where does Syras fit in the bigger picture?
  1. Journal database article search – sourcing articles by keyword, reference/citations
  2. Abstract Screening – filtering thousands of articles down to dozens of relevant ones
  3. Full text Screening / Data Extraction – deeper assessment of articles, and extraction of detailed relevant information for included articles
  4. Final analysis / Meta-analysis – developing a clear story of study results, and writing your article.

Syras provides a purpose-built structure and process that takes the pain out of the abstract screening process. No more sharing files in emails, reviewing articles that are duplicates, or managing content and screening in cumbersome custom-made spreadsheets. Syras provides simple yet powerful flexibility for you and your systematic review team.