Transparent Deduplication

We provide 3 types of deduplication algorithms for you to leverage.

  1. Exact match
  2. SRA
  3. Title Search
Exact Match

We recommend an initial pass looking for exact matches, which often yields high-confidence results that can be accepted in bulk – hundreds of duplicates gone in one click. Exact match looks for articles that are identical across title and abstract.


A second pass with the Bond SRA method can return a set of results that are still likely to be duplicates, but may require quick confirmation from a human eye. The SRA method combines title matching with author and document meta-data checks to find duplicates.

Title search

A final pass with title search can allow you to see articles that may still be duplicates, but require a critical review. We loosely match titles, ignoring punctuation, capitalisation, or diacritics.

By completing multiple checks for duplicates, we provide the fastest way to achieve a high quality data-set that is as close to duplicate free as possible. By giving you control of how we search for duplicates, we can also give you control to bulk-remove, or not. It’s not a black box.